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Interview Time
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​Who are we?

North American Hummingbird Media was established in Wall Street, New York, and is committed to providing professional Chinese and English news writing and publicity services for domestic and foreign brands. The team members have studied in the journalistic, publishing, media advertising and design industries for many years, and have senior professionalism and experience.

Interview Time

​Team Composition


​interview group

​ Conduct in-depth interviews and exchanges with brands/founders/teams, positioning for promotional copywriting.

Writing on Tablet

​editing group

​ According to the interview group information and brand background, write corresponding brand news releases in a short time.

Publishing House

​Publishing group

​According to the press release provided by the editorial team, the brand release will be published on the whole network.

In a Meeting

​Digital Marketing Group

​ The brand manuscript combines product attributes and company needs for secondary marketing and event plan planning.

Young Man with Tablet

​Account Manager

​ One-to-one communication with customers to understand the core value of the brand/product and market pain points.

Industrial Designer

​design team

​Design visual materials in line with product/brand tone, including posters, pictures, GIFs, brochures, etc.

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