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About us

Hummingbird Marketing Agency Inc. founded on Wall Street in New York, is dedicated to providing professional English and Chinese release writing and distribution services for brands both domestic and international. Team members have studied for many years in journalism, publishing, media advertising, and design industries, possessing seasoned professional skills and experience.

Interview Time

Our Team


Interview Group

​针对品牌 / 创始人 / 团队进行深度采访交流,为宣传文案定位。

Writing on Tablet

Editing Group


Publishing House



In a Meeting



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​与客户进行一对一交流,了解品牌 / 产品核心价值以及市场痛点。

Industrial Designer


​设计符合产品 / 品牌定调的视觉物料,包括海报、图片、GIF、宣传手册等。

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